Meet the Alder Class team

If you want to talk to your child about school or just want to put faces to our names, we can all be seen below:

Wendy Class Teacher

Kim TA4

Sylvia TA3 (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Samim TA3 (Thurs, Fri)

Marie TA1

Maria TA1

Catherine TA4 (Mon pm, Weds)

Linda SMSA

Message from Alder Class

We have spent the first two weeks getting to know the children and letting them get to know and trust us, as relationships are so important to promote good learning. Over the term we will be delivering a wide range of sensory learning through different curriculum areas as follows:

Literacy: We will be sharing stories using sensory props, often linked to our topics, such as the Three Little Pigs. We will also have weekly drama sessions where children will develop their listening and anticipation skills, as well as sharing and turn taking. We will also be alert to learning opportunities as we communicate with your child throughout the day, for example using TacPac activities to help pupils express their preferences.

Numeracy: As well as using a wide range of counting songs and games, we will explore different areas of numeracy including shape and size. The children will have a wide range of sensory experiences to consolidate their learning, such as playing with small and large everyday objects (e.g. big sieve, small sieve, big ball, small ball).

Topic: This half term we are learning about building, houses and homes. We will be exploring the buildings we live in and use in our community, as well as discovering some animal homes e.g. looking for mini-beasts and exploring birds’ nests.

PE: We have a wide range of physical activities planned, from blocks of swimming and rebound, to weekly MOVE or mobility sessions. This is in addition to regular changes of position including the use of standing frames and walkers as appropriate.

How you can help: For our topic of houses and homes, we would be grateful if you could send in a picture or pictures of your family, with names written on the back so that we can talk to your child about their family. We also really value any messages we get in the diaries about what your child is doing at home so that we can talk to them about it. Later in the term I will send some suggestions about sensory activities that you could do at home to support the learning in class.

We are looking forward to a really motivating set of learning activities and hope your child will have lots of fun as they learn. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Kim or myself either by phone or through your child’s diary.

Kind regards,

Wendy Parsons & the Alder Class Team

(Class teacher, Assistant Head)