Meet the Staff

Leadership Team
Executive Head Teacher: Andrew Feeley
Head teacher, Cherry Tree Primary School:  Mary Fraser
Head Teacher, Green Fold Special School:  Gary Anders
Orchards Nursery School:  Andrew Feeley


Central Federation Team

Business Manager:  Sharon Unsworth

Premises Manager:  Dave Colbourn

Bursar:  Debbie Proctor

Federation Employees 


Admin & Finance Team

Sharon Unsworth
Debbie Proctor
Andrea Vickers
Lynne Pickard
Dawn Smith
Susan Egan
Gail Downes
Business Manager
Bursar/Administrator/Finance Officer
Administrator / HR
Administrator / Data
Health & Safety/Site Team
Dave Colbourn
Adam Tong
Jane Fishburn
Premises Health & Safety Manager
Caretaker – Full Time permanent
Caretaker – Full Time permanent

Individual School Staff

Cherry Tree Primary School

Cherry Tree Staff

Green Fold Special School

Green Fold Staff

Orchards Nursery

The Orchards Nursery Staff