Nursery Admissions

The admissions policy for nursery schools and classes is as follows.

The Head Teacher will allocate places in their nursery school or nursery class as they become available, primarily on the age of the children. Head Teachers may also take into account medical factors or serious social deprivation, which should normally be supported by independent evidence. Pupils with a place in any other Bolton LA nursery school or class will only be considered after all other places have been considered. Failure by parents to reveal any other LA nursery placement for their child may result in a place being withdrawn if this is subsequently brought to light.

Please note that it is not the policy of the Childrens Services Committee to give preference for admission to reception classes to children attending a corresponding nursery for the following reasons:

In many schools the number of children offered the benefit of nursery education is more than the intake of the infant school. It is felt, however that nursery places should be provided for as many children as possible.  It is the policy of the Committee that as nursery places are not available in all schools, nurseries should serve a wider area than the usual school intake area. This is particularly important where there are applications for nursery places from parents of children with social priority reasons.

Having a place in a nursery class DOES NOT automatically give a child admission to the primary school it is attached to.