Online Safety



The world of technology and computing is moving so quickly these days, as an adult, it often feels difficult to keep up: do you feel like your children are always one step ahead of you using their phones or playing on the internet? Well you’re not the only one. At The Orchards, we would like to support all parents and carers of our children to ensure they remain safe online.


  There are a few simple tips to use that will make a huge difference:

  • Ask your child to show you the games they are playing or the websites they are using.(Use the internet history to look yourself)
  • Talk to your child about how to behave responsibly online and what to do if they have a problem
  • Some children will feel guilty or ashamed by their behaviour online so it is important to reassure them they will be supported if they report a problem, not punished
  • Mobile phones can access the internet. Where does your child keep their phone at night? Do they take it to bed? Can they keep it downstairs instead?
  • If your child has joined social network site: Facebook, Moshi Monsters, who are their friends? What are they talking about?
  • Some parents allow their child onto sites designed for older children or adults: are the privacy settings suitable? How can you change them?

If you have any concerns, problems or would like advice about your child’s safety online, please

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CEOP is a very useful website for all parents and carers who are concerned about internet safety. Working closely with the police and other organisations CEOP has advice for parents with children of all ages. Click on the image below to find out more.