Hello and welcome to the Orchards Nursery…

At The Orchards we believe that Foundation Stage learning is the basis upon which children build the rest of their education. The development of a curriculum that is broad, balanced, structured and challenging with an emphasis on talking and learning through play will result in children developing the necessary social and language skills, securing knowledge and understanding for successful future learning.

We believe that language is the key to successful early learning for our children and the Foundation Stage curriculum is structured and focused around language and learning through first hand experiences.

What to wear: 

Children wear the school uniform of red jumpers and cardigans, red or white t-shirts and grey skirts and pants. We encourage the children to wear uniform because:

  • These clothes are easily managed (especially when going to the toilet etc).
  • We spend a lot of our time doing outdoor play, so clothing needs to be warm and practical.
  • Some of our most enjoyable activities are very messy and we don’t want children worrying about their best clothes.
  • The children look very smart and enjoy being part of the school.
  • We do wear aprons for painting, water and creative activities but accidents do happen.

If children have accidents and need a change of clothes, we have a small stock of spare clothes. We will change children and send home their wet clothes. We ask that parents wash and return the clothes as soon as possible. We want the children to feel dry and comfortable at all times.

What to bring:

We go out to play every day so children will need a waterproof coat with them at all times. It really helps if children wear shoes that are easy to get on and off (e.g. with Velcro fastening)

  • On sunny days, please send your child with a named sun hat and ensure that they have sun cream on.
  • For safety reasons we ask children not to wear jewellery.
  • Please avoid sending your child with anything that may be lost or damaged.

Please remember all clothing and footwear must be clearly named.

Home-School Links:

We hope to build a close relationship with you, the parents and carers, in order to bring out the best in your child.

We openly welcome contact with parents and there will be many ways in which you can become involved:

  • Parents are always welcome to come in to chat to their child’s Key Person about how they are getting on or to discuss any concerns they may have.
  • Parents will be invited to termly meetings to discuss their child’s progress, next steps in learning and look through their Learning Journey.
  • We have a Home-School notice board letting you know what we will be learning about each week and what the children have had for snack.
  • Each week we present one of the children with the ‘Treasure of the Week’ award. They will get a certificate, a prize from the treasure box and a badge to wear.

Inform staff when:

  • A different adult is collecting your child. All adults who collect children need to be on the list signed by parents. (We shall not allow any child to leave with an adult with whom we are not familiar and are not on the signed list.)
  • If you change your address or telephone number.
  • Your child is absent. If your child is sick, please keep him/her at home to prevent infection spreading.
  • Please telephone school on the first morning they are off to let us know your child won’t be attending.


We know that having a birthday is a special time for children and we enjoy celebrating with them. If you like you can send a cake into school and we will add candles and sing to your child.


As part of our duty of care we ask that:

  • Parents do not go into the bathroom for the privacy and protection of all children. Children access the bathroom independently during the session and staff are always available to support children.
  • Parents receive a letter and must sign our accident book when their child has an accident in school. Staff are First Aid trained and highly skilled at reassuring little people.

Snack & School dinners:

  • We provide each child with a healthy snack, piece of fruit and drink of milk or water.
  • Water is available for the children throughout the session.
  • The children will have a school dinner and sit with their friends in the school hall. The Lunch time supervisors will support the children choosing their dinner and outdoors in the garden.

Please let us know if there is any food that your child is allergic to, if they are vegetarian or for religious reasons.

Latest News

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new High Needs Base, more info to follow soon.