Our Offer

Orchards Nursery

Our Offer

We offer a range of different services for children between the ages of 2 and 4

  1. 15 hour places- free to all pupils when they are 3 years old (am or pm)
  2. An additional 15 hours for parents who qualify for the free 30 hour childcare offer
  3. An Additional 15 hours of paid day care

Weekly Charges

Day Care

3 hour additional sessions – £60.00 per week.
Lunchtime supervision  £25.00 per week (including school lunch) or £15.00 (with a packed lunch).

Total charge each week:-

£85.00 with a school lunch

£75.00 with a packed lunch

  1. 15 hour places for eligible two year old pupils.
  2. We have recently established a SEND Base for pupils with complex needs .


All staff take safeguarding very seriously to ensure our children are safe and secure.

Staff are trained regularly and we have a Children and Families Team who work across the Federation. Our Orchards Federation Safeguarding and Child Protection policy includes specific arrangement for pupils between the ages of 2 and 5.

As part of our duty of care we will ensure that :-

  • Your child is safe and secure whilst on the school premises.
  • We will always discuss any concerns with parents at the earliest opportunity
  • We will ensure that behaviour of all is of the highest quality and any bullying incidents will be dealt with promptly- See Behaviour Policy
  • Staff are First Aid trained and highly skilled at reassuring little people.

We ask that:

  • Parents talk to us if they have any concerns whatsoever,
  • Parents do not go into the bathroom for the privacy and protection of all children. Children access the bathroom independently during the session and staff are always available to support children.
  • Parents receive a letter and sign our accident book if their child has an accident in school.
  • Parents do not use mobile devices whilst on school premises.