Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 children participated in level 1 and 2 bikeability.

Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. The programme is about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.

Here are some quotes from the participants

Here are some videos as well

Video – 1234


Children from Cherry Tree made some displays for Easter, here are some pictures of them.

Sale Sharks

Children from Cherry Tree and Green Fold were invited to go and watch a Sale Sharks game on Saturday 24th March held at the AJ Bell Stadium in Trafford. The children enjoyed an afternoon of rugby meeting some of the players before the match and spending time with family and friends. A big thank you goes to JP and Peter for organising tickets and transport to and from the game.

Michael Churm Visit

On Wednesday 17th January we will be visited by GB Paralympic Sprinter Michael Churm and we will be doing a Sponsored Fitness Circuit on the day.

Click Here for the Letter and Here for the Sports for Schools Website.

Sponsorship Forms will be sent home with a copy of the letter on the 9th January.

Year 1 Trip to Chill Factore

Year 1 children enjoyed a festive trip to the Chill Factore

All the children and staff had a great time as you can see below

Cherry Tree Trip to Bolton Ice Rink

Cherry Tree children enjoyed a festive trip to Bolton Ice Rink

All the children and staff had a great time as you can see below


Click here for Video

Cherry Tree Christmas Fair

Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped out today. It was a massive success as usual.
Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

Total raised was £1000.

2017 Carol Service

What a fantastic festive afternoon

Members of our local community joined us again for what has become our annual Christmas Concert.

Whilst enjoying a mince pie, washed down with cups of tea and coffee our guests enjoyed a game of bingo and a raffle all free of charge through fundraising from dedicated staff members.

Guests were entertained by every child in the school from Year 1 to Year 6 who demonstrated their singing talents throughout with traditional Christmas carols.

To bring the afternoon to a close Cherry Tree choir performed a variety of Christmas songs that created ‘goose bump’ moments and laughter and tears.

This is what our guests had to say.

“What a lovely afternoon, we were treated like royalty.  No complaints at all”

“Thank you so much for inviting us again this year we loved it. What lovely talented children. You should be all proud of yourselves.” Love from Wilfred Geere

“Very good. No reason for improvement”

“Beautiful afternoon, don’t change anything.” Thanks and God bless from Farnworth Salvation Army

“Each year gets better and better”

“Enjoyed the afternoon so much. The boys and girls worked hard to keep us happy. The children sang beautifully. In fact, they are a credit to you as teachers. You should be very proud”

“A wonderful afternoon! The children brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all”

“Thank you for a pleasant afternoon. All the pupils welcomed us and kept us supplied with tea/coffee. Well done to all the children for the Christmas carols, they brought tears to our eyes.”

Thomas Garnet Court Residents

“A lovely afternoon. We all enjoyed the children singing so much. You must all work so hard. We all look forward to your invitation. Thank you so much from Thomas Garnet”

Our children and guests alike never fail to amaze us.

5C went to St Peter’s CE School in Farnworth for an Art lesson.

They learned how to do observational drawings. They then designed their own Viking Longboats and then they created their own Longboat out of clay based on their own designs

The end results were fantastic as you can see below.

Hungry to Learn At Cherry Tree

Children and Parents from Cherry Tree took part in a cookery class held by BWCT and adopt a school.

The programme ‘hungry to learn’ is a partnership between Bolton Wanderers Community Trust and adopt a school who supply the chefs along with all the cooking ingredients needed for the family cooking programme.

The programme teaches children about food in a holistic sense – where it comes from, how to cook it and its impact on health and the environment

  • To introduce children and young people to real, fresh food through an animated approach
  • To encourage children / families to consider food more closely and learn about food provenance
  • To show children how to grow their own food
  • To teach basic food preparation skills
  • To encourage an understanding of the importance of healthy eating Parents and Children had a great time preparing and cooking some incredible food and spending time with each other.

A great big thank you to James the chef and Paul from Bolton Wanderers Community Trust for letting Cherry Tree children and Parents get involve.

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Halloween Disco

A massive thank you to everyone who supported us by buying tickets for the Halloween disco.

We raised a grand total of £252

All the money raised from these events goes straight back to the children. So far we have bought new graduation gowns for the Reception class, sports vests with the schools name and logo on, a selection of board games for the library and we are in the process of buying an honours board to display the names of head/deputy boy and girl each year.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday 13th November at 3.30pm in the large hall on the upper site, if you fancy joining the group please come along it would be great to see some new faces.

Thanks once again for your continued support.

Cherry Tree parents and carers group.

High Sheriff visiting The Orchards Federation, on Save the Children Den Day

Gerry and Joanne visited The Orchards Federation to meet the children on National Den Day. They were invited by Rachel Parker and also by J P Hardman and Peter Gore of Bolton Rugby Union Football Club, who work with the school to provide rugby sessions for the children every Friday.

Rugby was slightly side lined on this day, because the children were building dens on the field to celebrate Save the Children’s Den Day and were learning about the importance of shelter to children all over the world.
As they arrived at the school entrance, Gerry and Joanne were met by a group of excited children accompanied by Rachel and the Head Master, Andrew Feeley.

The immediate star attraction was Gerry’s sword!

Gerry and Joanne were taken to the playing fields where children were building some incredible dens from cardboard boxes and bed sheets and all sorts of things! In the middle of the field was the BRUFC den made with rugby post protectors and tackle bags and filled with numerous rugby balls. Not sure if they were to be used for training or to repel invaders!

The kids were having a great time and a mixed ability group were being encouraged to run with and pass the balls.
Green Fold School is a special school which is part of the Orchards Federation. It caters for children aged 4-11 with a wide variety of complex educational needs. It is a place where each pupil is allowed to express themselves as individuals and learn in a style that best meets their needs. Their ethos is Growing, Sharing, Learning, Laughing and Celebrating Success Together.

All the children came over to ask what Gerry and Joanne were doing there and soon they were helping to build the den whilst being asked lots of questions. Is it a real sword? Can I touch it? Soon the children were queuing up to have their photograph taken wearing Gerry’s hat and holding his sword, with Gerry standing by their side! He commented to one girl that wearing his hat would spoil her hair and her response was: ‘I don’t care! ‘Gerry felt as though he had never been so popular!!

He was asked whether he had ever met the Queen and answered that he had and that we should all try to be like her because she works so hard. One little girl said that she had seen the Queen six times, but she didn’t remember because she was a baby!

After some brilliant questions and a long photo session, Gerry and Joanne visited all the dens which had been built around the field. When they returned to the BRUFC den they were invited inside and got involved in a large scrum – which became another photo session!

They then went back into the school and were taken around the classrooms where children with varying degrees of disabilities and learning difficulties were having lessons.

Gerry fell in love with a little girl named Angel, who was bright, feisty and, refusing to be held back by having no arms had learned to use the mouse and access the computer with her feet. They had a bit of a chat whilst Gerry admired her skills and he was delighted when she shouted “Bye! See you!” as he left. He was overwhelmed and inspired by her spirit and determination to overcome obstacles.

Some of the children were making cakes and enjoying the results.

Gerry and Joanne were humbled by the love, patience and skills of the teachers and teaching assistants who were working with the children.

They discovered that Green Fold also provides hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and many sensory experiences which help the children to increase contact with the outside world and build their confidence.

During tea in the Headmaster’s Room he explained that he came from a mainstream school and it has been a steep learning curve for him. The Orchard Federation is made up of The Orchards Nursery, Cherry Tree Primary and Green Fold Special School – with a total of 600 children. Although the schools have separate academic/learning programmes, socially there is a huge cross over between them.

They have a scheme where some of the older children from Cherry Tree were awarded the title of Play Leader with the privilege of coming to play and spend time with some of the children with physical and learning difficulties at play time. They take great pride in this privilege. It is an admirable model and teaches the children empathy and understanding.
Andrew commented that the teachers are very special. They need not only love and patience but also a good understanding of the medical conditions and needs of the children. Each child is treated as an individual.

Gerry and Joanne had a very special day.

Their experiences at Green Fold and at the Henshaw’s Awards really reinforced their belief that we live in a caring and protective culture and we take care of and learn from vulnerable people. Such goodwill, generosity of spirit and joy of life is very precious and is to be celebrated.