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Message from Peach Class

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the exciting things we have planned for the Spring term.

In the first half term our topic will be ‘Winter Wonderland’. During these sessions we will be learning about different cold countries and finding out where they live, what they eat and the animals that live there.

In the Second half term our topic will be ‘Great designs and inventions’. We will be learning about different inventions and we will also be making our own art work and designs.

During these sessions we will have opportunities to work on our individual ILP targets through a multi-sensory learning approach. Throughout the remainder of the term, we will be learning about the following topics:

Literacy: During our story sessions we will be reading our story ‘I can’t get up and go to school today’. This story focuses on different weathers and each week we will focus on one type of weather. We will practice our reading and writing skills in these sessions. We will also have weekly phonics sessions and continue to incorporate speaking and listening activities across the school day and within focus activities.

Numeracy: In our numeracy lesson this term there will be three key areas. These will be money, data handling and position and direction. We have lots of fun activities planned for our sessions such as visiting the local shop to exchange money in real life scenarios, trying different foods and recording who likes and dislikes them and playing lots of different movement games and dances. We will also be working upon personalised targets throughout the week linked to all areas of numeracy.

PE: This term our PE will focus on gymnastics. We will be using the large apparatus such as the climbing frame. We will be learning how we can move in different ways and climb using different routes.

Food technology: We will be working on a variety of skills linked to introducing new equipment and ingredients. We will also be looking at recipes from the different countries we are learning about in our topic sessions.

We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me or communicate through the school diary.