Sycamore Class Gallery

Message from Sycamore Class

Literacy: Within literacy during this half term we will be focusing on the story “Farmer Duck”. This is a great story which will introduce children to different farm animals and the sounds they make. The story uses repeated phrases throughout which will help with the children’s anticipation skills.  During each literacy lesson, children are provided with opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, focusing on threading, posting, mark making etc, this is alongside working on 1:1 focused target work. Within literacy we focus highly on our communication skills, again linking with our targets and also developing our communication methods through vocalising, gestures, signing, use of PECS symbols and ALD boards.

Numeracy: This half term we are focusing shape and pattern. We will be exploring shapes and also exploring our environments to see what patterns we can find. Children are provided with opportunities to develop their understanding within these areas through exploration and focused 1:1 work. Children are provided with opportunities to access these activities on an independent basis also. As well as focusing on the topic based activities, children have 3 sessions per week which are solely based on counting skills. Children are enjoying being introduced to Numicon which has proved a hit in Sycamore class.

Topic: Our topic this half term is ‘Great designs and inventions’. Each week the children are provided with different learning challenges which will give them an in depth insight into the topic. We will be looking at: the wheel, transport inventions, the light bulb, electrical items and road safety (traffic lights). Children will be provided with a range of experiences to explore within this topic, it will be lots of fun!

PE: This half term we are focusing on Games. Each week the children will have a different focus within their sessions. The children are thoroughly enjoying accessing the different activities. Children also have access to a hydrotherapy slot each week. Please send in a swim pad, swimming costume/shorts and a towel when your child is swimming.

Food Technology: Each half term the children are provided with a new skill in which they work on each food tech session. Each week children will bring home a sample of what they have made in cookery. We hope you enjoy tasting this! Please return the cookery boxes back once finished with to allow us to send home more of our creations each week.

Arts focus: This half term the children will be focusing on ‘Colour everywhere’. This will be a great focus to allow the children to explore colours, mixing colours and develop our own fabulous pieces of artwork. Towards the end of the half term we will also be looking at Holi and having our own colour run. It will be lots of fun!

Every Friday we will send home a homework book with your child which relates to something that we have done in school that week. This helps us showcase the fantastic learning and also helps to further develop the skills that we have been working on.