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Cherry Tree Primary School Exceptional Teaching & Learning A vibrant learning community that nurtures and supports each pupil, that values everyone’s unique worth and contribution. Greenfold Special School Green Fold School is a learning community Green Fold is a place where each pupil is allowed to express themselves as individuals and learn in a style that best meets their needs. Explore the school Orchards Nursery Foundation Stage at The Orchards We believe that language is the key to successful early learning for our children and the Foundation Stage curriculum is structured and focused around language and learning through first hand experiences. Explore the school

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Cherry Tree Primary School

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We are a Federation of three schools overseen by a single Governing Board.
Cherry Tree Primary School, Green Fold Special School (ASD/SLD/PMLD/ADHD),  and The Orchards Nursery
Our overall aim is to create a very happy, caring inclusive community where every child really does matter and to offer the children within our schools’ exceptional teaching and learning, high-quality learning environments and specialist facilities to meet all our pupils’ needs.

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